Friday, August 3, 2007

Hey I'm in L.A. :)

Just thought I'd let you know I'm on vacation. :)
I rented a bicycle for a week and I'm going to explore the town pedalling :D
If I take some nice photos I'll post them.

At the end of my trip I'll publish a Da Vinci code-style counter-novel titled "what is fiction and what is reality in The L Word" ROFL.


sapph said...

You're a bad influence. :(

Up until today, I had never received or sent a text message... it's the start of the slippery slope, I tell ya!!

(Did you get the reply? I bet you didn't - Sprint sucks, they probably considered your phone an International destination & canned the message without letting me know. Bah.)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to LA. (Be careful on the bicycle...)

I'm still not sure I'll be going to San Diego tomorrow, as the only player left that I'd want to see is Srebotnik, and she's yet to begin her doubles match tonight.

(More than likely I'll stay home tomorrow and rest. Or if Husarova plays qualies in Carson, maybe I'll go to Carson! Ooh, that would be bad, especially after I've been so good, so moral. (Watching the Srebotnik/Petrova match, I saw Husarova on the next court, practicing. She came onto the court, and stripped off her shirt to reveal those fine fine abs. I sat through the next three or four games of Srebotnik/Petrova, kind of in a moral quandry. I knew if I took photos of Husarova, they'd just be for purposes of coveting my neighbor's wife...))

Bumsby said...

No! I can't receive text messages from the US, it's official. But it's already something I can send them. And I can't make any calls abroad. *shrug* I don't remember having all these problems last time. Whatever.

Is anyone interesting playing Carson? I didn't remember bike riding was so much fun! I hadn't since I was quite young.

Tonight I walked around in Santa Monica Blvd.... me likes! It reminded me of San Lorenzo or Trastevere in Rome.

Bumsby said...

I just decided I want to live my life inside the Whole Foods Market. I hope they a shelf for rent or whatever.

sapph said...

LMAO, I was considering telling you about Whole Paycheck, I figured you'd like it.

Squeaky's in LA....


Bumsby said...


Bumsby said...

I was posting from an iPhone earlier. *eek*
I'm strongly tempted to buy one just for two weeks.
LMAO (but I'm not kidding that much)
It's the most amazing device I've ever seen by far.
Now I'm writing from a MacBook Pro and I have to admit I'm warming up to Macs.
Who knows, maybe I'll go broke in the next few days... :P

Bumsby said...

(Btw I'm in the Apple Store of the Beverly Center)

Anonymous said...

Heh. I buy my zillion-grain bread and my sulfite-free wine at Whole Foods.

But I generally feel slightly out of place in there. I think I got a fantastic turkey there, once. For about $40. (One can generally get a turkey at Thanksgiving time for about $5 or $6.)

I decided I needed to be in the shade today, and I couldn't stand the possibility of seeing Kata lose in a supertiebreak (which is what happened), so I stayed home. Productively, though. Hit the Farmers' Mkt for corn, beans, strawberries (probably the last of the season), and heirloom tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

As for Carson? Well, I think it's about the same field as Acura Classic, at least in terms of the players I like. I suppose if Husarova plays doubles, I might be tempted, but for all the wrong reasons.

You should check out to see what the public transportation situation is to get to Carson. Last few years, no one seemed to be checking tickets for the outside courts (although, in the early part of the week, you could probably get really good scalper seats for $20 (day session) and ??? (night session.))

The scalpers hang out in the parking lot; you can't miss them.

Bumsby said...

* checks bike routes to Carson *
I don't know, I think I'll decide at the last minute. I also don't want to go to too many places and try to stay rested for Claremont.

Btw, I'm officially looking for a job as a street-sweeper in West Hollywood :D So far it looks like heaven on earth.

Bumsby said...

And yeah I have a bum injury LOL
It's not so easy spending your days on a bike with a non bum-friendly saddle :P

Bumsby said...

No I don't like Carson, it's too far. LOL. Alright, I'm going to sleep now.

sapph said...

"I suppose if Husarova plays doubles, I might be tempted, but for all the wrong reasons."

LOL, the hussy. She did fill her jeans rather nicely, though. ;)

"Btw, I'm officially looking for a job as a street-sweeper in West Hollywood"

*rolls eyes*

"And yeah I have a bum injury LOL"

ROFL, you're saddle sore, eh? AKA you have numb bum. ;) As a Brit, I understand that, but over here they call it your butt, not your bum. Either way, it hurts just as much, right?!

LOL, poor Squeaky.

Hugo87 said...

have fun Bumsby rest up and get a bike pad for your butt

Anonymous said...

Have you read about the new bicycle saddles? The ones that supposedly prevent sexual dysfunction? (Of course, only men have been studied, and the re-designed saddles are for men.)

Bicycling to Carson would be insane. It might be possible to do public transportation, but I don't know anything about the train and bus routes on that side of town.

Anonymous said...

Husarova: for me it was (in chronological order, not in ranked order): the abs; the smile/laugh; how she looked when she volleyed; the eyes; her enthusiastic reaction to me when I came up to her and Srebotnik; the cruising that followed, including the hussy prancing across my patio ostensibly to go talk to someone a couple of rooms down.

If you're gonna prance across my patio, stop in and say, "Hello," at least!

I have gay/lesbian league today. I practiced my serve early this morning, since I didn't get to play much tennis this week (tho' I went running every morning when I was at La Costa.)

Bumsby said...

Mary check your work email

You seem very excited about this Husarova thing, but enough with the chattering: did you fuck her?!?! If you're gonna tell us, tell us everything (j/k)

I've never heard of women really cruising. I don't get it much btw, I don't do it.

Nadl said...

hope you have fun on your vacation ;)
i definitely had fun at mine (except that i got a cold and we came back 2 days earlier :p )

Anonymous said...

Re: Husarova. Jealous?

No. I did not. She had a ring, and a girlfriend (as far as I could tell.)

But it was fun being hyper-aware of her.

Catherine said...

Hey Mary and Bumbsy...are you two gonna meet up since you're both in the neighborhood? seems a shame to flyfrom Italy and not meet. There is a nice little Italian deli place for luch/dinner on the corner ( same side of the street) opposite a diner called Dolores on Santa Monica Blvd. WE used to got there frequently when we lived in WeHo.

Anonymous said...

Catherine, are you c_m from Gerd's forum?

Yeah, we have plans to meet, but in my neighborhood.

Bumsby said...

heya Catherine, how are you?
(I should have said "how are you today" if I wrote in LosAnglish)

I went to Marco's the other day, not a bad place and the food was actually close to original Italian. I don't know if that's the one you're talking about.

Nadl said...

hey bumsby how're u doin in LA? everythin cool there =)

Catherine said...

Mary, yes I am c_m from Gerds forum! Bumbsby, have fun in LA with Mary!! ( I'm envious at the moment!)

Anonymous said...

Catherine, are you a parent now? I keep meaning to ask over on Gerd's.

Bumsby said...

Nadl, I'm doing fine so far. I'm trying to relax and get to know the history of LA a little bit, of West Hollywood in particular. It seems a unique place on the face of the earth and I'm trying to understand what made it like that.

Nadl said...

oh sounds pretty nice =)
and is it really a "gay-paradise" *lol*

Hugo87 said...

Good to hear you are having a good time

Bumsby said...

well, from what I see so far, definitely. Not just for gays, but for all oppressed minorities, like Jews. And there's still that amazing stats about the # of residents who are born abroad.

It makes me think of that idea of America as a refuge for the oppressed. Maybe not all of America embraces the principle nowadays, but WeHo certainly does, from what I can see.

Mind you I've been here for very little time. But the guy who wrote the WeHo history book I'm reading must have been here for longer ;)

Catherine were you living in WeHo at some point? Maybe you can give us a more informed opinion on it.

Hugo87 said...

Anyone Know where Spank Me is?

Bumsby said...

Ok, after a week in WeHo I have to say the concept of "cruising" is much clearer to me. LOL.
I've never been checked out/hit on so much by women in my whole life! It makes me think I'm in the right place. LOL.
And another rarity I noticed, butches seem to be a minority. They're the vast majority in Rome. I think that's because of unfair heterosexual invasiveness and pervasiness. They become lesbians only if "men don't like them", as a residual category.

Catherine said...

Mary, yes I am a parent now to Liam Michael Jae-Hyung Kellihan who is one month old. His donor( a good friend of ours) is Korean hence the second middle name. His last name is a combination of our last names. Since they won't let us marry, we changed our last names. Besides, we are registered as domestic partners in West Hollywood.(good segue!)

Bumsby....the LA lesbians are a little more femme than the rest of the country. Not that you won't find femmes elswhere, you just don't see as many butch women in LA. I believe it has to do with the aesthetics of Hollywood. Just look at the ads in any newspaper there; they are mostly for plastic surgery/teeth whitening/implants of all kinds/hair removal etc.
Sounds like you're enjoying WehHo. Has anyone taken you to The Abbey for a martini, or to The Factory, if it's still there?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on Liam Michael Jae-Hyung Kellihan! You know, I first thought of asking you about a month ago, so either my subconscious was counting correctly, or it was a total coincidence.

And you're right, one can find butch women; I knew more of them in Long Beach (including one stunningly beautiful one--just took my breath away.) Gee, that takes me back! Probably 20 years ago, The Executive Suite in Long Beach, 25 cent Kamikazes and kissing on the dance floor... (Bums, what you're experiencing now is probably similar to what I went through when I moved to LA in 1987 (from Iowa.))

Bumsby said...

Wow catherine, congrats on your son! It must be great being a parent. I wish I will be one day.

About the LA lesbians... as much as I hate the "movie industry" environment, according to their standards I don't think you need to be feminine to look beautiful (do the male stars look feminine?) so I wonder why there are not a few more "good-looking butches"? On the other hand, maybe it has something to do with social class, like being femme is more natural in higher social classes while butch in lower... *shrug* Whatever. I agree that some butches are really beautiful. I don't think beauty lies on a masculine-feminine spectrum.

The other day we wanted to go to the Abbey but there was Hillary Clinton (and a long long long queue of invited guests waiting to go in). Maybe I'll go there before I leave. I don't know about the Factory.

Btw sapph and I randomly bumped in that Frankie's you were talking about the other night. Cool! I hadn't had minestrone in years.

Spank said...

Isn't minestrone Italian??

Was Hilary one of the women who hit on you :D

Mary you lived in Iowa?! (LOL)

Bumsby said...

Minestrone is Italian but that doesn't mean I eat if frequently in Italy.
Yes, Hillary hit on me and I was like "hey babe, I ain't no Monica, you know" ;)
Mary were you born in Iowa or did you come there from somewhere else?
Btw can you imagine moving from Iowa to Montana to Wyoming, etc.? LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yep, born and raised in Iowa. I was there til I was 22 years old. I worked in the corn and soybean fields just like every other rural teenage Iowan. (But it's good that I did; nothing seems so hard after one has worked a 12-hr day in the fields.)

New Sveta photos are out! She's sporting a big ole gold chain and pink nail polish the same color as Hussy's supposed g/f and other Slovak players. I imagine great big sleepovers where they all paint each other's nails.

Bumsby said...

Mary how are you btw? I read on the forum you are ill. Is it still that tennis ball someone hit at you?

Anonymous said...

Bumsby--there's a new Whole Foods Market in my neighborhood. It's 77K sq ft, and 2 stories high. (I "needed" a free-range turkey for an early Thanksgiving dinner next weekend.) An article from a local paper:

PASADENA - Store maps in hand, Ethel Sale and C.J. Circo worked out a plan of attack for the huge 77,000-square-foot, two-story Whole Foods store that opened its doors Wednesday.

"We made it this far," Circo said, standing yards from the entrance and poring over her "Guide to the Aisles." "I think we'll be here for a while - it's a little overwhelming."

The hundreds of shoppers lining up for food samples, snacking at the tapas bar, browsing at the chocolate island and checking out the massage room gave the store's grand opening the flavor of a street market.

"It's humungous, but it's not confusing - although it might be if you go to the wine bar first," joked David Wayne of South Pasadena, whose cart was stacked up with blood orange gelato and roast beef. "And there's a (chocolate) fondue bar - come on!" he said, starting toward the second floor.

Michael Besancon, president of Whole Foods' Southern Pacific region, said people were lined up outside the store at 465 S. Arroyo Parkway at 7 a.m., so they opened up early.

"Everyone's jaws just dropped," Besancon said. "This is not your mother's grocery store."

Besancon ticked off the store's offerings - the Italian and Asian "sit-down eating venues" where people can have a glass of wine, the huge selection of hard-to-find items - and said the "central theme" was to create a meeting place for the community. For example, there's a "Single & Mingle" event planned for Nov. 15.

Marci Frumkin, Whole Foods regional marketing director, said there are 400 "team members" working at the new store, which has been in the works for about two years.

"We hope to get customers from South Pasadena, downtown (Los Angeles) for sure - the 110 Freeway ends here - and we think there's something for everyone."