Sunday, April 22, 2007

New assignment at WMO

Recently-retrieved blogger Nadl has resigned from her position as Official MomoJump (TM) Watcher to accept a highly-qualified position as "Official Glittering and Shining Amélie's Wallpaper or Whateva Maker"

LOL! *worship*

Here are some examples of how exquisitely she masters the art of wallpaper-making:




Nadl said...
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Nadl said...

more stuff at


Bumsby said...

Why don't you get sitemeter so you can see who reads your blog? ;)

Nadl said...

where can i get it from?

i don't get this blog yet.. it's so damn complicated

Bumsby said...

I don't think it's complicated, you just have to learn how the blogosphere works... anyhow, here si the counter:

Nadl said...

i need your help again - how do you change the template that the "labels" are on the right side of the blog? i can't find that =(

Nadl said...

oh i got it, forget it :P