Saturday, April 21, 2007

The World MomOrganization (WMO) - Blogger Version?

I'm envisioning a new community of Momo-bloggers. It could be like the World MomOrganization, where every Momosapiens could have their own blog to perform their duty *angel*

It's a real pity to have countless posts on the video and photo threads, while in a blog they could be archived in categories and easily searchable. No more random surfing through countless thread pages!

I could take care of the *coughs* G-stalking functions *devil*

Besides, everyone could post whatever they want without the risk of being censored.



Roby67 said...

Great job!

Bumsby said...

Ciao Roby, feel free to apply for any position at WMO! Our Italian Press Observer (ichnussa) is sort of slacking at the moment (even though there's not much to observe LOL) so maybe you could jump in.