Saturday, April 21, 2007


I haven't been feeling well for a while, but lately it was getting better. Until today :P I felt a bit ill again.
It must be all the uncertainties I can't handle. I keep being offered new jobs I can't say no to. I keep creating expectations in people I want to live up to. To be honest, I prefer having to make decisions rather than not, by far; it's just that sometimes it's a little too much.
Suddenly everyone wants a piece of me. Which I want to give; I just doubt I'll be able to.


geum_7 said...

Dear Bubble (aka party pants)

I hear you are retiring from your group muff-diving activities do to
excessive groin strain! :D LOL

Lots of Luuurve

Squeak xxx

geum_7 said...

Here's a joke for you -

A WOMAN buys a magic mirror,puts it on the bedroom door and decides to find out whether it works. She chants to it :"Mirror mirror on the door make my bust a 44."There`s a flash and her boobs expand dramatically. Impressed,her husband decides to give it a go. He chants:"Mirror mirror on the door,make my manhood touch the floor."There`s a flash...and his legs fall off.

Bumsby said...

Glad to see you here SqueakMe, lots of luuurve to you too

and LMAO at your story, can you be any more cruel with men LOL ;)