Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blonde Redhead Concert

Ok, I know this page will end up containing lots of photos that have nothing to do with Amélie... but I'm a little depressed from having to run around hospitals, doctors, medical centers, etc so I must post my photos from the concert I went to on Monday :D

It was phenomenal - Blonde Redhead is my favorite band of all time, ever, and we as an audience really pushed them to the limit (they did three encores)... Kazu (the Japanese female band member) got a little upset at us I think. The other two are Italians so I guess they pretended not to notice... *rolls eyes* *tape*

I even shot a little video I posted here. I was very surprised by the instruments they use but I'd better not bore you any longer and save these comments for my musician friends.

So here they are:

I loved the lights - they put together my favorite colors in infinite variations... my aesthetic receptors really took a breath of fresh air - unlike my respiratory system who had to undergo tropical temperatures :P

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Bumsby said...

No one commented on my fav group... *sobs* spank, there is even a Japanese woman that you might be interested in... uhm, no, I mean, given your love of music... :P ;)