Tuesday, June 5, 2007

L'affaire Mauresmo-Villepin: the Fact File

Ok, since this rumor has been around for quite a while and no one has officially denied it, I did some investigations (LOL) and I decided to report what I found here.
  • According to a poster of this French tennis forum the rumor originated from Dominque de Villepin's close collaborators. That would partly explain why a lot of people are believing it.
  • lili commented on this blog saying that Dominique de Villepin has recently congratulated Amélie on one of her victories for the first time since when he is Prime Minister. That made people wonder why he had suddenly become interested in tennis! Since not even the Sports Minister had done that.
  • Multiple posters testify to have seen Marie at Roland Garros, but no one has stated that they've seen Géraldine yet
  • In his most recent interview, Xavier Moreau has talked about Amélie not being continuous performance-wise, adding "there are times when we all have something wrong going on with us, either at the workplace or at home..."
  • Amélie has had one month of complete vacation. Last time she quit her long time gf (Pascale) she had to nurse an injury and had stayed home for a similar amount of time. When she resumed match play, she still had her Pascale necklace on, which she abandoned only after Amelia Island or maybe even Warsaw 2004: a week before being seen together with G for the first time in Berlin.
  • In brief... shall we wait for a sudden ditching of G's ring and necklace in favour of MdV's ones?


Spank said...

And as we all know by now a Bumsbian "fact" exists as such in it's own universe.. :P :D

Bumsby said...

A Bumsbian fact is a fact which makes sense in everyone's universe for different reasons... LOL

marija said...

so according to xavier, my beloved :-), amelie has lot of problems with that child at home ;-) lol

Spank said...

?? *confused*

Bumsby said...

Spank, what are you so confused about... tell me, I'll explain :D (not before I get home and spend half an hour under the shower though :P )