Saturday, June 23, 2007

New swimsuit photoshoot!!!

Amélie has done a new swimsuit photoshoot for Elle magazine, just before her appendicitis operation, as she states here.

Now all WMO members are kindly required to comb their local newspaper kiosks ... except KJ who will do it only after everyone else has found the photos :) ;) (being she the Official Utterly Useless Information Finder)

Quote from the interview: "I thought it was food poisoning at first. I was in Paris doing a photoshoot for Elle magazine in swimsuits, and then it started. The next day I received the Legion d'Honneur from our President."

Other interesting tidbits from the interview include:

"I had a very difficult week after that, because I don't know what they put in the anaesthetic. I felt terrible. Mentally, I felt down."

"First of all, my type of game on grass is very simple and easy. I serve and volley and on return of serve, as soon as a I have a short ball, I come in. I don't think too much. Playing on grass is what I do best."

Everything about Mauresmo is subdued, understated, apparently rational. Her hair is long and unfussily cut, her face unadorned by make-up, the fact that she is gay was simply stated in 1999 and neither subsequently hidden nor dramatised.

She does not live, or behave, like a star (if you discount the house in Geneva and that wine cellar). "I am lucky enough to have chosen people around me - and they have chosen me - that I can trust. My professional team have been with me for years and if they have something to tell me, they will. I don't see myself in terms of being a star. My friends will not do everything I say, and do not say 'yes' to me all the time. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I don't think so."


Spank said...

How dare they suggest Sophie is unexotic!!
She's a sweet cuddly ball of happy warm fluff :)

It will be in French Elle not UK Elle.

Bumsby said...

Don't try to come up with excuses to slack off!!! LOL ;)

Where did they say that about Sophia? (It's Sophia, not Sophie)

Spank said...

I have just got back for the newsagents there is no Amelie in July's UK Elle :P

Spank said...

I have asked many times if it is Sophia or Sophie!

I have read "Sophie" in the french press and the UK press too (who are frequently wrong about things)

Bumsby said...

I've heard Amélie pronounce it and she said "Sophià" with a French accent on the "a"

Bumsby said...

Did you really go to the newsagent? awwww *hugs*

So what are you waiting for? Hop on the TGV and head to France!

Hugo87 said...

i have to see the pics

Spank said...

I am looking a Francais Elle's website now..
No sign of Amelie yet..

But I like this one

Spank said...

I can't find anything on the french Elle website and when I run a google search on Amelie and elle magasin all I get is info about an article for US Elle in 05

Bumsby said...

I'm sure it's not out yet otherwise we'd feel the world tremble ;)

But I mean, it's bound to come out sooner or later so let's keep our eyes open :)