Tuesday, June 19, 2007

YAY! World MomOrganization News and Updates - WMO Bulletin

The big news of the day is that World MomOrganization keeps growing and a new member has just been recruited!
Ladies and Gentlewomen, following her mapping down and stalking every newspaper kiosk of her district in search of every bit of Momo related information, old and new, interesting or sleep-inducing, in the form of text or pictures, etc. :
the honorable KJ2007 has just been appointed "Official Utterly Useless Information Finder (OUUIF)".

Please wish her a good start (or rather continuation) of her job. (Btw this is something that I've been thinking of: does WMO membership comes as an achievement after hard, long, strenous work, or is it really the start of it all?)

The second big WMO news of the day is that World MomOrganization continues its expansion on the blogosphere. It is with pleasure of Amélitic proportions *cough* that I am made aware of
Famous Nipple and Scrunchy Watcher Slipknotsian 's visit here. She recently dropped by and said hello here. Her google name is Siany.

It's such a nice feeling when old friends drop by in the WMO blogging community. Like Sapphisto the other day.

Hope to see you guys here more often *big wave*


Spank said...

WElcome Slip :) I thought bumsqueak listed you as nipple watcher and sucker..

I must be tired.. :P :D

Bumsby said...

Hey I edited the post... KJ2007 is here too, and as a WMO member on top of it :D *jumps*

BARBIE said...

Welcome Slip and KJ *waves* *grins*

Spank said...

I never did find out if KJ was the center spread in Diva magazine? ;)

I looked at it last week but had no idea who I as looking for?? :(

BARBIE said...

Hey Bums, how did you know that KJ has joined the blogging community ???

Bumsby said...

She sent me an application via pm - that I submitted to the Managing Board, etc... LOL ;)

BARBIE said...

Oh, I see LOL

Nadl said...

welcome the newbie's :p

KJ said...

LOL I was in there Spank but i'm not saying who I was! :-)

BTW Hello!!!! *bounces around*

Bumsby said...

You were in there where? Or are you just copying my comments to the party photos post?!?! (LOL)