Sunday, May 6, 2007

Berlin Nostalgia Pt. 2... 2005

While waiting for Amélie's comeback in Berlin... here are some photos from the shitty 2005 campaign, where Amé was easily beaten in the QF by Petrova.... this pissed Loic so much he went on strike LOL and decided not to accompany Amélie the following week (Rome tournament). This was so thoughtful of him... because she won there without him! ;)

Feel free to send me other Berlin photos so I can add them :)


Spank said...

I wonder how many bandages she will be wearing this time :D

Bumsby said...

as many as the pairs of knickers I'll be wearing ROFL

what are you making me say?!?! ;)

Spank said...

You have knickers on the're becoming as bad as must be catching LOL :D