Friday, May 11, 2007

Federer in the Foro Italico tunnel...

This year I'm spending much less time at the Foro than last year. :( Damn work! ;)
So I don't have time to be there when it matters, and take pictures like this one below I took last year:

I'm so sad because Amélie will probably arrive this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest... and I can't be there! Damn!

I'm really torn. I don't know what to do. Instinctively I'd just spend the whole day there. But there are some people who have expectations on me and I don't want to let them down. Damn deadlines. Why does everyone want a piece of me? I don't understand... me, I don't want them. I only want a piece of Amélie. LOL ;)


stillera said...

Maybe that's give and take ;)

Just wanted to say thank you for the high resolution pics, they're great.

Bumsby said...

stillera, you're welcome! Both for the thanking and here at my blog. ;)

I know I'll see Amélie play, but I'm just disappointed that I can't be in the tournament area all the time when she doesn't play.

I'm already thinking that next year - if I haven't moved from Rome - I want to take 15 days of complete vacation and "live" the tournament to the full (like I did last year, when I wasn't working fulltime).

stillera said...

I'm sure you'll make it next year, if you do move then choose a place where Amélie would play! :D

I've been away for a while, somewhat coincident with Amélie's appendicectomy break LOL
Just realised your blog when I went to WTAWorld, I will visit here often and enjoy your blogs :)

Nadl said...

bumsby where do you wanna move?

and i hope you can see amelie as often as possible ;)

Bumsby said...

I want to move to the US. I know, it's not the best place to see Amélie in. I think she hates California in particular (except as a stop on her way to Tahiti LOL). Too bad I'm not a fan of David Beckham ;) Hopefully The L Word will become such a hit that she'll move to California just to increase her chances of getting a part LOL

Nadl said...

you really wanna go to the US??
any special reason or do you just like California??

Nadl said...

oh what i forgot to say, i also wanna move to california when i finished school ;)

Bumsby said...

The reasons are connected to my job (don't want to go to into much detail here ;) )

When will you finish your school? Do you really want to go to California right after? Why?

jaime said...

bumsby Im counting on you to get momo through this, did you see the draw :lol:

Bumsby said...

I can't do anything against Schiavone - if they find out they'll beat me badly :P

But I can try to play some bad pranks on Schnyder, Jankovic, Petrova or Kuznetsova.

For Serena I have to corrupt the catering people to cook something she can't resist eating in tons or the gym instructor to prevent her to train well... it's really a bad draw, dammit. I hope the Rome atmosphere will be magic again for Amélie.

Nadl said...

i'll finish school in 2 years (hopefully)!
first i wanna go to LA for 1 or 2 years as aupair-girl! and if i like it i'd like to stay there :P

well that's my plan for the future and i hope it'll work ;)

Nadl said...

oh and sam will beat francesca in the first round :armed: