Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 3 (Fuck!)

What a crappy day. My first thought when I realized she had lost was "she really wants to win the French this year" (in case the bad losses before a slam function again as a propeller). After that I was sad because I won't see her play for a while.

I was so hoping to see her play the singles, but it wasn't meant to be. I miraculously managed to anticipate my late afternoon meeting, but the meeting was longish and when she started playing I was still at work. It was an important meeting, it was part brainstorming and part reporting. This didn't prevent me from going out to check the livescores on my pc every ten minutes. I thought she had a good chance after scraping through the 2nd set like that. When I saw she had an ample lead in the third, I almost relaxed.

When I finished my meeting I was a little surprised to find they had just started the 3rd set tiebreak. I was kind of pissed at Amélie for making me go through the wasted match points ordeal. I was ready to forgive her if she only won. But it didn't happen. When the live scores window reported "winner: Stosur", I was about to cry. I left the office in depression and flew to the Foro.

As I arrived on site, I ran to the press room. Too late: Amé had finished the press conference. It had started at 7:15 pm, and it was over quite soon. Extremely disappointed, I ran back and bumped into Stosur, who sported a proud attitude and was walking to her press conference with a dish of pasta in her hand. I was really sad, but I was trying hard to stay friendly and positive. Luckily I met a few friends for dinner and we started chatting. One of them had seen Amélie's match and he told me how she was outplaying Stosur in the beginning of the third. This sort of calmed me down. I thought "she was still there when it mattered, so she probably didn't want to stay here in Rome. She wants to reach really low unconsciously, in the hope of holding that French cup in 3 weeks".

I'm too tired to write anything else for the moment. I'll upload the photos and videos I took in the next days. Tomorrow I should hang around Sveta before/after her match. I hope I'll have fun for the rest of the tournament, but it's probably not going to be easy.


Spank said...

LOL I like the way you managed to check the live scores every 10 minutes in your important meeting :D

BARBIE said...

*BARBIE comforts Bumsby*

But Amelie tried her best *grins*

Nice report *smiles*

Nadl said...

my first thought was also "ok so she's gonna win the french"

Bumsby said...

yeah... she won the YEC when everyone thought she would retire.
The AO when everyone thought the YEC was a fluke and she wouldn't win a slam.
Wimbledon when everyone thought she'd never win match point in a GS final.

So what does she need to win the French? Everyone thinking she's about to retire.

*rolls eyes*
she's so predictable (for her intelligent fans)

Bumsby said...

I feel so lazy and sad and tired today. I feel sort of deflated. Maybe I want to identify in yesterday's Amélie LOL. Holly14 is being a huge slacker as an Amélie fan. But she says she's writing, so it's a good thing ;)

I'm also slacking at work. I feel the tournament coming to an end, it's so sad. And it's not like a very good end. I hope seeing Sveta tonight will cheer me up.

Anonymous said...

I hope your evening is better.
I know it's no comfort, but you
did get to see Ms. Mauresmo!

Bumsby said...

I'm sad because I got to see her and then she disappeared! *sobbing* I want to see her again. I can't get enough of her. I couldn't so far anyway. I think it's an illness. I fall hopelessly for people like that. It's two so far, and you're probably wondering what "like that" means. But I'm not sure I can explain it.

*sinks back into depression*

Spank said...

I find this falling for someone "like that" is very interesting..

Some people however unintentionally, have some very odd, and in my opinion somewhat unhealthy, definitions of "love"/"attraction"..
thinks of her best friends..

For some people unless they get that "feeling" they do not regard it as "love", yet others never have those feelings yet do regard themselves as having loving relationships..
Is this just a cultural idea of "love" (a mixture of lust and psychological wishfulfilment masquerading as love????)

that was rather off topic wasn't it..

Bumsby said...

No! It's not offtopic, it's the point of the whole thing :P

I don't know if it's cultural, I'm not sure. Maybe in part, but it's also very personal / psychological / individual.

I never say "I'm in love" with someone unless I get that feeling. It's extremely rare, luckily! LOL cause I'm not sure it's 100% healthy everything considered. :P

But I do love everyone I'm with. I've never been with someone without "loving" the person somehow.

Nadl said...

oh some love-talk in here!
i think i loved only 1 person so far (no it's not karina) but this person doesn't like me anymore :haha: ok i don't like him anymore aswell :p

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. You are in love.
(Or something.)

Best of luck.

Bumsby said...

"Best of luck"? *rolls eyes*
Are you being sarcastic? LOL
But it's matter of definition.
I know in this case I have no chance, bu that's what I call being in love.

BARBIE said...

Congratulations Bumsby for falling in love *grins*

Anonymous said...

No no no, I am not mocking you.
I would not do that.

(My "best of luck" comment could be
read more as a means of insight into
me, not me commenting on you.)

If you want a more exact comment,
best of luck w/ the endless wanting;
best of luck w/ the sadness and
laziness and tiredness; and I hope
you get to see her again soon.