Sunday, May 6, 2007

For all of you computer geeks out there...

Yesterday while I was checking the FON blog
(if you don't know about the FON movement check: )
I read about this Ubuntu free operative system which seems to be the future Windows Killer.
FON's C.E.O. Martin Varsavsky has decided to stop using Windows and install Ubuntu on every company PC.
There is also OpenOffice, a complete suite of windows-compatible, free office applications which can be installed on Ubuntu:

Maybe it's time to stop filling Bill Gates's pockets...

I'm not really sure I want to install it on my laptop because I'm afraid I'll have problems and lose files/photos, etc :P If anyone has tried it already or knows something about it, please let me know if/how it works. Is it really the next big thing?!?!?!


Nadl said...


ubuntu is linux-based so you'll have a linux operating system but with the features/configuratons from ubuntu (don't knew this one before but i know some others for example knoppix, suse)

i have to use openoffice sometimes at school and i personally think that it sucks.. the original microsoft office is better IMO but i think that's just my taste! you can do (almost) the same things like in microsoft office!

so if you hate your windows and are ready for smth new you should try it ;)

to your files/photos

if you want install the ubuntu you have to save the whole files from your pc (on a harddisk)

if you wanna know smth else just ask me

Bumsby said...

Thanks Nadl :)
Why do you say that Microsoft is better? Graphics-wise? Maybe it looks better but they say it's slower... what do you think?

Btw... are you a Fonera? LOL

Nadl said...

lol i hate microsoft :p

i just think that openOffice is crap and that the microsoft office is better!

Nadl said...

oh and i'm not a fonera (don't know what that is)

and i don't know if it's slower

i'm havin suse as 2nd operating system on my laptop (via virtual machine) and i think it's definetively slower

Bumsby said...

LOL you just killed everything they're saying... thanks :) it's nice to hear people's real-life experience with products.

Nadl said...

oh but maybe my linux is slow because 2 operatin systems are running at the same time (via virtual machine like i said)

a classmate also uses linux (as only operating system) and he has no probs with it!

i think linux is a good choice these days but it's very different to windows so it's gonna be a little bit difficult at the beginning!

the only thing i don't like is openOffice but maybe you like it?

Nadl said...

oh you could install it on your laptop, test if you like it and then you can make your decision :p