Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 2 at the Internazionali

To be honest I worked all day and didn't spend much time there :(
I arrived at around 7pm and took a quick look around. I bumped into Serena's mum and her friend, then I came across Gisela Dulko. I was amazed at how thin she is. Not like Hantuchova who looks like a praying mantis on court (I saw her last year) but still quite close. Camerin was "warming down" at the gym and Petrova was running on a treadmill while talking to her coach.

I greeted a friend, then made my way into the press room and looked at the interviews' schedule (I got a new pass this week which allows me into the press room, too YAY). I checked Spanky's blog from my wifi phone (LMAO, I swear, that's what I did) then headed to Serena's match.

She played extremely well. I took some videos. She hit incredibly hard and incredibly accurate. A friend of mine used to joke that the secret to play tennis is to hit hard on the lines (LOL), and sometimes you get the feeling that it's exactly what Serena does when she wants to win. She's such a powerhouse.

Ok, I'll try to go write the report for yesterday now before I fall asleep (I'm in bed now).


Spank said...

Why would you check my awful nonsensical blog when you were surrounded by all that lovelyness??!

Was it kind of like "Ok, Spanky, I'm going in! Wish me luck!"
type look...?

Bumsby said...

ROFLMAO that's what I ask myself as well! I did it this evening too. *shrug* Well, ok, this evening there weren't many players around :P