Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Rome Day 1 (Mens tournament)

Ok, maybe some of you will get bored reading this, but it's my blog so where am I supposed to report it if not here LOL
Today I went to the Foro Italico, sort of late as I had to stay at work until late in the afternoon. Luckily they had this huge rain break so I didn't miss much - except Federer vs Nadal in doubles but that was scheduled too early anyway so there was no way I could have made it for that.
I got to see Murray: I don't know why he can't win a match in Rome but I love his tennis. Actually it's my favorite non-Federer male player. He looks nothing special, he's so understated, at least style-wise. Why am I the only one to thinks he's got tons of class LOL

Then I saw Bracciali vs Ginepri stabbing forehands into each other at like 200 mph *eek* after some winners you just wonder whether that little ball CAN be hit any harder... how sweet of club players to treat the ball so nicely ;)

At some point during the 2nd set an incredible thing happened. The guys were playing under heavy lights as it was night by that time, and everything was going on as usual; when all of a sudden the lights go off and the dark black night instantly falls on the court, on the match, on the audience, as the ball was still flying and the players running. It was so surreal. It reminded me of those tales by the Titanic survivors. This magnificent event, this display of human capabilities... all of a sudden turns black. Shut. And people shout.
No one could believe it, especially the foreign people there. I'm sure they started blaming Italy and Italians and their unreliability LOL (Who says they were wrong *tape*)

Ok, now let's go into mediatic details. LOL. I took some really nice videos of Murray and I'm so proud of my new cameraphone. I can't wait for the video contents to improve, if you know what I mean *devil* ;)

(....to be continued...)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report!

I wish I were there. I'm in one of
my moods and want to be elsewhere
(tho' of course, anywhere I go,
I'd still be there...what's that
Buckaroo Banzai quote? "Hey hey hey...Don't be mean. We don't have to be mean.
Because...remember...no matter where you go, there you are!")

I want to escape myself.

End-of-semester ennui...

p.s. I had no idea Murray lost.
Sorry about that! I did ride an
elevator with him at IW this year.
He was more impressive in person.

Nadl said...

so you're a murry fan? hmm i don't like this guy that much.. after federer my faves are baghdatis, djokovic, roddick, gasquet and melzer (yeah i'm patriotic :P)
but murry is tooo english :p (althought he comes from scotland)

i hope you'll have a great time at the tourny =)

Bumsby said...

Yeah, I kinda like Murray. I saw him and Djokovic last year playing some tennis game on the Playstation LMAO
The funniest thing was that they were grunting as if they were really playing... basically they were making fun of tennis players.

Now I think that, if I had that video, it could be something interesting. Even more in, like, 5 years, when they'll be probably top3 or top5. There's even the chance that they'll be top2 in 10 years. Dang, I really regret not having shot that video.

Nadl said...

i think djokovic, gasquet, murry and baghdatis are the big threats in about 5 years ;)

Bumsby said...

Tomorrow there's Djokovic-Baghdatis!!! I don't think I will make it in time though as I have to go pick up Hollywood14 at the airport :P :D

BARBIE said...

Holly is coming to Rome ??? *shocked*

Really ??? *grins*

Mary, why are you so impressed with Andy ??? *devil*

What did he do to you in the elevator Mary ??? *evil grin* *angel*

Anonymous said...

Murray was a brave man, riding
the elevator with me, don't you

(He's just a baby.)

He's bigger than I expected, and
much less gawky-looking in person.
He did, however, go through the
lobby; many players opted to go
the shortcut that avoided the
lobby (and the possibility of
having to walk through fans.)