Thursday, May 31, 2007

OMG! Amélie is (really) playing at the French Open!

I saw parts of her two matches and I don't recall her playing so well on clay since Berlin 2004 or Rome 2005... after getting used to see her play so well on grass, it's nice to see how her game changes on clay. Much more spin, heavier forehands, hitting closer to the lines. It is similar to how she played in AO 2006 (*cough* ok I'll stop jinxing her)

And how much class does she have? Her game is so adaptable to every style and surface and still so beautiful *melts*

She deserves another high-res photo tribute.

Btw are you watching the daily France 2 videos? Today there's a nice one on ballboys with Amélie appearing at the beginning and at the end: at the end it's a must-see, she does a great face! LOL *love* Click here to see it :)

Ok, here's the high-res photos as promised.

And now my (medium-resolution) favorites from today:


LMAO she looks clownish ^^

This one reminds me of when she was younger...


diamond said...

Not sure which match you saw, but
the first two sets were boring and
mediocre at it's best. From both
After the rain delay Amélie showed
some more aggression, while Nathaly
Dechy completely destructed and
could hardly hit one decent return

Hoping to see some more fire in the
next round.

Nadl said...

a win is a win!

hopefully she can win today with dechy in doubles

Bumsby said...

I haven't seen the first two sets, but I liked what I saw in the third set and in the first round.

I didn't know she had doubles today... hopefully someone will take photos :D