Friday, May 11, 2007

Tennis? No. Arm-killing Game? Yes.

I saw Nadal's match tonight - and I wish I hadn't *mad*
I just hate his game on clay. It's like me playing my 10 year-old nephew. There's no match. He should play in his heavy weights league, at least on clay, where strength matters (in terms of top spin strength).

He just kills tennis. If you're a woman, I don't know if you've ever played a man. Even if technically they're worse, men can kill you by putting so much spin on the ball that your weaker female arm won't be able to return it. That's basically Nadal's strategy.
There are at least fifty pros who are technically finer and more complete than him, but he kills their weaker arms with his spin which on clay is most lethal.

It used to be tennis, now it's arm-killing.... I just wish they'd call it with its proper name.

And the fact that Nadal will never lose a match on clay EVER again, is not good for tennis. There's no fun for the audience, it's all written in the st... uhm, in Nadal's left bicep. It's not a sport anymore if there's no competition. Get the damn weight categories!


Bumsby said...

I know, I know... I shouldn't go watch Nadal play anymore. And yet I keep doing it. I hope I'll resist tomorrow :P

Spank said...

You just can't resist watching him pick his cr*ck, can you LOL

*where's the sick bag???*

Bumsby said...

He is the most horrible, disgusting scum monster in the world of.... wrestling! LOL

You have no idea how scary his grunts are. He's just killing my idea of tennis.

Spank said...

That happened a long time ago for me and mens tennis..something to do with goran ivanisevic..*yawn*
It was only Federer who brought me back to mens tennis.

My mother sits their through the French Open and says things like "With all his money you'd have thought he could have plastic surgery.." "I'm sure his mother loves him.."
She used to be a big fan of his and still supports him in her own way LOL

Bumsby said...

LOL how mean of your mother (like mother, like daughter ;) )

Watching Federer play is the ultimate aesthetic experience for me but I also like Gasquet, Djokovic and Murray. The youngsters are fine players (Baghdatis included, although he has a weird balance because of his belly). I just dislike Nadal intensely.

Bumsby said...

Davydenko today confirmed that Nadal's physique made the difference at the end of the match. Not only athletic preparation, but just sheer muscular strength.

Men's clay tennis is becoming ridiculous in the Rafa era.

Anonymous said...

Federer won today. We should

LostGlory said...
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