Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Day 1 - Full Report

It was such an incredible day. I arrived at the site, got my new pass, then went to greet some friends. I didn't look around too much. However, I saw Dementieva hanging around, and Jankovic who was training in the adjacent training court.
At some point I was talking to my friend and didn't pay much attention to the rest of the area; when I was about to say goodbye to her, I turned my head on the left and was struck by an image. Three people dressed with white and light blue clothes were sitting around a table. One of them had long, blondish hair ;)
I tried to stay calm, wondering how in the world I'd have been able to actually look at her. She was wearing white shorts, her legs half spread under the table. I don't know how I saw what I saw, because I didn't look at it. I just saw, but I didn't dare look (if you know what I mean).
At some point my friend disappeared and I kept talking to a few other people I knew. I don't remember anything of what we were talking about; I just remember that I asked them something they didn't know, and they told me to ask my friend. I answered that she'd disappeared, and they said "no, she's right there". I turned my head and saw her stand like 10 inches from "the table". "Uhm... ok, I'm going to ask her......". I must have smiled a lot at that moment, at least inside.
As I got closer, Loic turned and looked at me for a few seconds. I turned my gaze, and started talking to my friend. I didn't dare turn. I was afraid to pass out or something. Ot that I wouldn't be able to stay cool.
They were playing cards. Michel stood up and told me "excuse me" because I was standing between him and the garbage can. I remember he bent down a lot, and was looking up at me when getting back up.
Ok, I couldn't look at her from a fixed position because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to unglue my gaze. So I had to move. As I was walking towards the other friends, I took a brief glance at Amélie. I looked at her face, in front of her.
The first thing I noticed were the moustache. How can this be? Can someone tell me why a woman is supposed to grow dark moustache by the age of 27? Or perhaps she was no longer allowed to epilate, suddenly? The other thing that striked me was the atmosphere. She had this extremely calm composure. Like a statuesque attitude. If you didn't know she was alive, you wouldn't have known she breathed. I had never really seen her so totally relaxed and static. Probably because I had never seen her in private.
Compared to the way I was used to seeing her, she felt "dead". It must be something similar to when she's at home and she's relaxing. So different from all the other situations I'd always seen her in.
So I walked away, with my friend. I was talking to her and laughing when I turn my head in front of me and realize I had someone standing right in front of me who was going in the opposite direction. "Sorry", "sorry". It was Dementieva. I thought she was much taller than me, but she wasn't.
I went to eat, then prepared for the doubles match, which you should know about already. Except maybe I haven't commented on her ass yet. Well, it doesn't just sit up. It totally sticks out. It contracts and protrudes. I'd define it an extremely protrusible double object.

Now, the bad news is that I can't go to Amélie's match tomorrow because of my boss. Sooner or later I'll kill him. *rolls eyes* I hope the first two matches go to five sets... or whatever. I hope to catch the press conference at least, somehow.


BARBIE said...

Fantastic report Bumsby *grins*

I am still thrilled about your explanation of her ass *LOL*

You were so close to Amelie, ouff, I can't imagine you didn't even looked at her "that" way *evil grin*

Spank said...

You need to tie your boss up by his genitalia..
I'm presuming he is a man?

Bumsby said...

Yeah he's a man... but he's very feminine, otherwise I wouldn't let him be my boss ;)

Hugo87 said...

Bumsby you were right their why did you not say hello? dont be shy next time take a chance sorry you wont see her play but hope she wins today so you can watch her next round.

Bumsby said...

Because it's an only-players area and players are supposed not to be disturbed by hardcore fans hidden under "normal" appearance (!) who manage to sneak in. ;)

Plus she wasn't in a social mood. She was totally absorbed by her card game and her men ("mes hommes", comme elle le dit).

It's not a matter of being shy but discreet. I'm not shy but I'm very discreet.

Bumsby said...

About my chances of watching the match, I started a few wars in the Middle East this morning and I managed to anticipate my meeting. I still have a slight to chance to catch the last bit of the match, depending how long the Centrale session will last.

I so want Mara to win the second set.

jaime said...

why bumsby why? I thought you will take care of Sam

Nadl said...

hey bumsby do you have blonde long hairs???? :P

marija said...

is it true thare was a blond girl in her box today?

Bumsby said...

I arrived too late! I should have put some powder in Stosur's pasta ;) (see post above).

Well... yes, I am Amélie's new blonde girlfriend :D

No, that wasn't me in the players box and I have no idea who was there since I wasn't at the match and I wasn't present when the box invitations were given. I didn't catch any gossip on that so I don't know. I did catch that Federer has definitely split with Mirka but I'm not 100% sure about the source.

Speaking of Mirka, Groenefeld has become really fat. Fatter than Mirka. What happened to her? Why are the women players going through metamorphoses? Groenefeld gaining 20 kilos, Amélie growing a dark moustache, etc. ...

*scared* ;)

Bumsby said...

Who was this blondie, Villepin's daughter? LOL ;)

She wasn't playing cards with the rest of the team when I saw them. Maybe it was just a guest.

marija said...

the rumor is there was a blond girl in her box!
i was watching the whole match and didn't see any girl and especially not in her box. the director was showing us a blond women sitting somewhere and cheering for amelie. my mom says she's an italian actress.

Bumsby said...

Now it sounds likely... ;)
I'm downloading the match from nouf's website, I'll tell you when I see it.

Bumsby said...

I saw the blondie - she is Giuliana De Sio, an interesting Italian actress *devil*

I can see her being a fan of Amélie ;)

marija said...

what a genius mom i have ;-)

Bumsby said...

like mother, like daughter ;)

Spank said...

Bravo to your Mother!!! :D *thumbs-up*

trustus said...

bumsby, thank you for all your reports.
As I video lover, so especial thanks for videos.

I have absolutely mercantile asking. Could you upload diuble-match with Severin in qood quality somewhere on megaupload or rapideshare??

Bumsby said...

Hi trustus, I was thinking about that too because, even though the original file is in mp4 format, there is a loss of quality on Dailymotion and YouTube :P

So I'll do it, just give me some time... I don't know whether uploading the rest of the match first or starting to megaupload the pieces ?!?! Advice would be appreciated ;)


trustus said...

as for me, it doesn't matters where you will upload : rapideshare, megaupload or omething else. So themain matter where it will comfort for you.

And thank you in advance :)

Bumsby said...

I've uploaded the first set pieces on megaupload. You can find the links in the video descriptions on YouTube and Dailymotion.