Friday, May 4, 2007

Sarkozy or Royal? Who will she vote for?

Who do you think Amélie will vote for?

I've never seen her hanging out with Ségolene
(I wonder if that's because she's married *tape* LOL j/k)

but Sarko sure seems to be her buddy... *shrug*

so I'll go with Nick ;) or


Francesca said...

i'd like her to vote for Segolene..

Spank said...

I imagine she will vote for Sarcophagus, as she has already had dinner with him... *rolls-eyes*

..Sego is better looking by far.. :D

Bumsby said...

I'd like her to vote for Segolene, too... but I'm afraid she won't :P

What about *G*?!? *devil* Do you think they have similar political ideas?

If they argue over oncourt coaching I can't imagine what a difference in political ideas would bring... LOL j/k

Bumsby said...

He won!

Ok Amélie, now that you've done enough damage at home you can go to Berlin ;) :P

Spank said...

*uck, did he!? Bollocks! >(