Monday, May 14, 2007

First REAL day at the Internazionali ;)

What a day! I can't believe I made it home safe and sound.
Actually I can't stand on my feet and I'm too tired to even sit on the desk and type, so just a quick summary:

1) I had a work meeting in the early morning and worked until mid-afternoon, at which point I managed to escape to the Foro;
2) I jumped into the... uhm, place where Amélie was waiting for her doubles match. I've seen her. I was pretty close. I hung around her for a while.
3) As soon as I ran out of excuses to stay there, I went to eat and prepared to film her doubles match.
4) I practically filmed the entire doubles match. Now and then I also watched it, if you know what I mean. It was nice to see her heavy ball again. And on a court that looked like the court next door on top of it. She has the cleanest heavy ball, if I might say so, in the women's tour I think. I won't even go into detail about her body and the millions of small shades and tiny curves the sunlight paints it with. But somehow the thought of her trainer going down in history as one of the greatest artists of all time seemed right.

I want to write the full report and share all of the videos, it's just that I don't have the energy right now. I'm collapsing on the chair.



Spank said...

Sweet-dreams tonight Squeaklet :)

Anonymous said...

Cool. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

And the mustache???

Bumsby said...

The moustache? I briefly thought of putting that in the title or something. "Moustache alert" or "Warning: moustache sighting!"


It takes nothing away from Amélie, but I haven't seen a woman with that sort of moustache since my grandma's pictures when she was about 20. It's the first thing I noticed.

And I wonder, is it because of the Appendix? She took testosterone? Why did it suddenly grow or turn darker?!?!


Nadl said...

enjoy your week at the tourny ;)

Anonymous said...

The high-res photos I've seen
didn't really show the moustache,
but did show lots of other facial
hair, all bleached-out. More
cheek and chin hair than upper-lip

In the photos the dark stuff looks
like freckles.


BARBIE said...

Enjoy Bumsby *smiles*

Bumsby said...

She's always had plenty of facial hair but I never noticed such dark moustache. It's the color that puzzles me *shrug*