Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 4 (Sveta)

So yeah, I'm surviving, somehow.
But today I was really depressed. I couldn't work. I had a meeting in the early afternoon but I didn't do much else. I kept getting images of Amélie in my head, knowing I would never get them again. Or at least in a long time.
I think I have an illness. I'm hypnotized by living beings who look like this:

Luckily I catch one once in every five or six years :P

However, I had a lot of fun at Sveta's match tonight. I think I like her. I don't understand why she gets so pissed at herself and starts acting mad on the court, but she's nice. I didn't find her bad-looking at all. Actually I was looking for her glance, as if I wanted her to look at me. Awww she's a puppy! I also like the way she looks at you. In brief, go Sveta go!

She was getting mad at herself during the match. At some point she even damaged her racket. She's very aggressive on the court, not just in her game but also in her attitude. She screams loud. At the end of the first set (which she barely won in the tiebreak) she screamed "soy idiota" at her coach while she was going to sit. LOL!

I also was there when she called the trainer. At the middle of the game she got close to the umpire and whispered "hey, physio". Anyone else would have replied "I beg your pardon?" LOL but the umpire understood. When she doesn't get mad at herself, she's really nice. I like her. I just found that out, this evening.

And yeah, the forehand. She has such an amazing forehand. I loved her tactic of slow, angled, heavily topspinned crosscourt backhand to open the court, and then to fire the crosscourt forehand winner.


Nadl said...

well at least one of your faves is still in, mine are all out :sad: :bigcry: fu***** patty :fiery:

j/k :angel:

hope you'll have fun watchin sveta tonight (are u there???)

Anonymous said...

She gets mad at herself because
she is a perfectionist (yet makes
many mistakes.)

But she's a cute puppy, for sure.

(See? Now maybe you understand
my interest in Sveta. Well, that,
and because I think she'd be a lot
of fun.)

Bumsby said...

I think she is a lot of fun. She is cute. And she has a thrilling game. So yes, now I understand you Mary :) It took me practically bumping into her, but now I see ;)

Anonymous said...

Practically? Or did you have
actual physical contact?

She's like an athletic fertility

Bumsby said...

"Athletic fertility Goddess"... LOL ;)
I didn't have actual physical contact, because I avoided it. The spaces are quite small everywhere in the Foro Italico, so it's a lot of "pardon", "excuse me", etc. to make your way anywhere. But you have to behave and you can't, like, brush up against players (!) LOL otherwise they'll kick you out. And of course I wouldn't really be interested in it.

Anonymous said...

Best that you didn't touch her;
if she is a fertility icon, you
might get pregnant just from

Bumsby said...

LOL but she keeps stalking me! Today I was talking to a friend and we were on the sides of a narrow passage... she passed between us, saying "sorry" with her Spanish/Russian accent. She's kind: other players who did the same didn't even say sorry. One of the reasons I like her is that she doesn't have that star aura and behaves as a normal person. But of course she's not normal judging from the great match she played today ;)


Nadl said...

i hope sveta wins tomorrow!
if jankovic wins she'd be #4 in the world which means also seeded #4 at RG

and i can't stand janko anymore.. i mean yeah she has gr8 game but she plays everywhere, i'm sick of seeing matches from her!

and sveta is in her 4th final (am i correct??) his year and this time she should win it - hopefully (but i've to say i'm happy that she didn't win against Ana last week :P )

Bumsby said...

Janko is playing great right now, I see her around a lot, she smiles all the time and has this solar attitude... it doesn't make me crazy as a player, but credit is due when it's due and she seems a nice/funny character.

I think they'll play a great match tomorrow - but don't worry I'll cheer for Sveta of course ;)

Nadl said...

yeah janko plays great atm.. but she plays by far too much! she also plays strasbourg next week :help: the draw is open so i guess she'll come to the final again but first she has to play tomorrow a final and in 8 days RG starts.. i don't know how she'll handle that! IMO she should take next week off *shrug*